CSDB usage: symbol nomenclature for glycans (SNFG)

Glycan and glycoconjugate structures can be displayed using the recently agreed third version of the graphical notation published in Essentials of Glycobiology and called SNFG. The previous version of this notataion was also known as "CFG format". Below is a legend for monomeric residue symbols. More details are available at NCBI/Glycans/SNFG web page and in the dedicated publication: Varki et al. 2015, Glycobiology, 25(12):1323-1324 (DOI: 10.1093/glycob/cwv091).

Monosaccharide symbols
Passing the pointer over a symbol shows its full name. Clicking on a symbol links to the corresponding entry in MonosaccharideDB.

The following notes were adapted from the above publication, with some CSDB-specific features added:

Example structure in SNFG notation:

Example structure in SNFG notation

and in Sweet-DB notation for reference:

  ?%L-Lys-(2-6)-a-D-GlcpA-(1-5)-+                                                       |
                                |                                                       |
 R-Pyr-(2-6:2-4)-+              |                     /Variants 0/-+                    |
                 |              |                                  |                    |

/Variants 0/ is:
OR (exclusively)

Subst = furostan;
Subst1 = unspecified part of molecule