CSDB/SNFG editor: external usage

CSDB/SNFG editor is a web application for carbohydrate building.

This tool was designed in the framework of Carbohydrate Structure Database, coded by Andrei Bochkov, and supervised by Philip Toukach.

For user manual please refer to online help.

Usage in your project

You can use the CSDB/SNFG editor in your project for free. If you do not need the returned CSDB Linear code, users can still export structures in other notations from the editor interface, or use the editor to prepare SNFG illustrations or SNFG-colored 3D molecular models.

To integrate CSDB/SNFG editor in your code, please do the following:

    1. Download the distribution bundle csdb-snfg-editor_1-0-6.zip (1-0-6 is a version number) and unpack it to a dedicated directory of your web-server. The package includes files:

    2. Specify URLs of your resources in snfgedit_config.js. Absolute or relative (to the editor host page URL) paths can be used.

    3A. Using editor in a separate tab (recommended)
    You can use pre-configured snfgedit.html from the distribution bundle as a host HTML-file or use your own file with the following configurations:
    Set id attributes for required DOMElements (HTML tags) in snfgedit_config.js:

    3B. Embedding editor into any existing page of your web site (host HTML file). Open editor within this page as a popup by clicking on a dedicated element.
    Set id attributes for required DOMElements (HTML tags) in snfgedit_config.js:

    4. Insert the required HTML elements according to the above configuration (3A or 3B) into the <body> section of the host HTML file.

    5. Insert <script> element with proper src attribute for the main JS file (snfgedit_X-X-X.js) at the end of the <body> element (paste before </body>) of the host HTML file.

    6. Insert <link> elements with proper href attributes for CSS files (snfgedit_X-X-X.css and snfgedit_extend.css) inside the <head> section of the host HTML file.

    7. Please ensure that authorship is correctly referenced: